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Link for downloadable packing list

Quick Tips

  • Car sickness It is a 6 hour bus ride and many get car sick. You may not feel like eating breakfast at 5 am, but eat anyway. Traveling on an empty stomach is a set up for nausea. "Bonine" works great for 24 hours without making you sleepy.

  • Dehydration Start now drinking lots of water. Prevention is the key! Set a goal to drink your body weight in ounces divided in half (1 cup = 8oz). Start now, once we get there, you can’t play catch-up, and you can’t rehydrate all at once. If you are thirsty you are already dehydrated. If you feel yourself starting to get nauseous, light-headed, fatigued, flushed, you need to drink. Lose the Diet Coke (or Pepsi) and carbonated beverages. They actually will assist you in becoming dehydrated, and a headache from withdrawal of caffeine is not going to be fun to have while on trek. If you are prone to heat stroke/exhaustion a neck cooler is suggested. The Dollar Tree has them for only $1.00.

  • Blisters Don’t wait for it to become a blister. If you feel a “hot spot” forming on your foot, apply moleskin or duct tape before it becomes a blister and don’t take it off until we get home. Wear one thin nylon sock under a thick hiking/athletic sock. Your shoes should be your feet’s favorite friend, a good hiking or athletic shoe. At night you will need something to rest your feet so they can air out, so bring flip-flops to wear at camp.

  • Sunburns Despite your nice base tan, one can never apply too much sunscreen, apply it frequently. A sunburn will make your trek miserable and is totally preventable.

  • Bugs If we have a lot of rain this spring, there will be a lot of standing water. Standing water = mosquitoes. Wear insect repellant (with 25% DEET) and reapply often. This will also keep the ticks away. Stay on the trails and don’t go into the bushes and sagebrush will also help prevent ticks and finding other wildlife.

  • Chaffing Any body parts that may rub together can cause chaffing. You will need to reduce friction by applying gold bond powder. And you will need your OWN, this includes boys and girls. Wearing “spankies” or biking shorts will help prevent chaffing.

  • Allergies and Asthma There are many who have seasonal allergies. Bring your own medication that helps you the best, and enough for the entire time. If you EVER use an inhaler, bring it! Even if you have to very seldom use it. Increased exercise and different environment/ elevation may cause and exacerbation. Be prepared. This is a prescription medication that the medical team won’t have.

  • Medications Bring the medications that you take, prescription or over the counter, enough for each day. Preferable in the original container, labeled with your name, what the medication is, and the dose.

          Link for Packing List (click link to download pdf)

West Point Stake Trek - 2016

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