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Spiritual Preparation for Trek

“I wish to remind everyone that the comforts we have, the peace we have, and most important, the faith and knowledge of the things of God that we have, were bought with a terrible price by those who have gone before us. Sacrifice has always been a part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The crowning element of our faith is our conviction of our living God, the Father of us all, and of His Beloved Son, the Redeemer of the world.” Gordon B. Hinckley

As you ponder the plight of the handcart pioneers, think about what sacrifices you are willing to make for the Lord’s sake. Individual spiritual preparation should be a little different for everyone depending upon your testimony to date and your individual needs. Nonetheless, we encourage everyone to follow the advice of the Prophet.

Some suggestions:  

  • Attending the Temple

  • Reading the scriptures

  • Praying

  • Serving others

We bear testify that as you prayerfully prepare for Trek, you will be strengthened and miracles will happen as we help prepare our youth for their treks in life.

Additional preparation ideas for Trek:

HANDCART PIONEER HERITAGE: Find out if you have an ancestor from the Willie and Martin Handcart Company (our wptrek.org website, Martin’s Cove, A-Z indexing, pioneer index, Martin Co., put in name)

RESEARCH A PIONEER: Read and learn about one Willie or Martin Handcart Company pioneer and be prepared to share what you have learned with your Trek family.

Some great books to read before trek:

  • Fire of the Covenant; a novel of historical fiction about the Willie and Martin Handcart Companies written by Gerald Lund. (Library also has it on CD which is nice to listen to as you drive or do more mundane tasks)

  • The Price We Paid: The Extraordinary Story of the Willie and Martin Handcart Pioneers by Andrew D. Olson (Davis County library has copies of it and it is available at Deseret Book)

  • Sweetwater Rescue: The Willie and Martin Handcart Story by Lee Groberg and Heidi Swinton

Tell My Story Too; Contains a collection of stories of the members of the Willie and Martin Companies, the Hunt and Hodgett Wagon Companies, and the Rescuers by Jolene Allphin


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