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Things to know:

Who:        Our Stake Youth ages 14-18 by September 1, 2016 & YOU!

What:        Stake Youth Conference: TREK 2016

When:        June 22, 2016 FHE (night before departure Family Home Evening activity)

        June 23-25th 2016 (Thursday, Friday & Saturday - all day)

Where:    Sacred lands of Wyoming - Martin’s Cove & Rock Creek Hollow

Why:        #1- our priesthood leaders have asked it of us

#2- because we want to honor the pioneers

#3-because we want to change lives

#4- because we love the Savior!

How:        Travel with our trek family by bus to Martin’s Cove; travel by handcart to Cherry Creek Campground & Martin’s Cove, then bus to Rock Creek Hollow & home.

Things to Do:    Complete Forms - All participants (even adults)

Online Forms:    Link on website http://www.wptrek.org/forms2016.html

More Information:

West Point Stake Trek Website:    wptrek.org (site is maintained by Greg Lundell)

    Look under the heading for Ma’s & Pa’s on the left side of page for more details

Stake Calendar:    YOUTH TREK 2016 - Stake Calendar

    We all know change is almost inevitable - so check here for updates to calendar items

Maps:    This link is a great electronic Google Martin’s Cove Map resource:


This map pinpoints the following: Independance Rock, Martin's Cove, Martin's Cove Visitor Center, Missionary Village, Devil's Gate, Split Rock Rest Area, Split Rock Historical Marker, Ice Slough, Sixth Crossing Visitor Center, Rock Creek Campground, Avenue of Rocks, 3 Crossings, 5th Crossing, 6th Crossing, Rocky Ridge Summit, Rocky Ridge Base, South Pass, Cherry Creek Campground, Rawlins, Little America, Placemark 21, Muddy Gap, "J E Griffith" engraving, The Willows

“So often we become so focused on the finish line that we fail to enjoy the journey.”

- Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Comments can be directed to: "webmaster @ wptrek dot org"