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 Ma/Pa Equipment List per family

  NEW additions: Duct tape, safety pins, emergency whistle, super glue

   First Aid Kit – details at March training

  Consecrated Oil

  Tick Spray (Permethrin)

  Fingernail clipper

  Small pocket knife



  *2 large tents with pegs, (5 girls, 5 boys) by June 3

  *1 small tent for you by June 3

  2 water jugs (5 gallon size)

  Hand soap

  Large Bath Towel (used for family river crossing activity)

  Large toothpaste (share with family if needed)

  Gold Bond powder for chafing (share with family)

  Battery powered lantern

  Extra Flashlight batteries?

  Ear plugs? (noisy winds at night)

  Small sewing kit

  Tarp (1 or 2)

  Extra tent stakes

  Rope (20 to 25 foot)

  Permanent Marker

  Extra Garbage bags

  Optional - Bucket Wrench

  Optional - Musical instrument

  Optional - Simple game

*Tents should be strong and sturdy to stand up in the windy or wet conditions of Wyoming.

*** Please remember you don’t need to buy everything!  You should get help from your ward family.  Your job is to assist in gathering the items needed for your Trek family not to purchase them all.


Page updated 4/10/2016

West Point Stake Trek - 2016

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