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Youth Leaders

Leads group in activities and challenges, such as get acquainted games, devotional, meal preparation, following rules, keeping the group together, problem solving, pioneer games, and any other family or stake assignments.

Aunt and Uncle (Training March – June, 3rd Wed.)

  • One assigned to each family
  • Learning how to cook all food items (training)
  • Gather all family supplies and shared family cooking supplies for their families (list)
  • Properly label Dutch Ovens, Kettles, and Pots
  • Maintain a master list of where cooking supplies came from
  • Purchase food for families
  • Pre-cook food items before trek (training)
  • Freeze any food items needed before trek (training)
  • Properly store all food items while on trek (training)
  • Learn how to properly use, clean and store Dutch ovens
  • Start, maintain, and properly care for fire (training)
  • Daily pick up food from camp pantry
  • Help cook in Camp Pantry for dinners

Captains (Stake Young Men and Young Women Presidency)

  • Work with youth, publicity and communication before trek
  • Assigned to ward for publicity and communication.
  • Will work with three families at trek.
  • Attend all Ma/Pa trainings on the 4th Thursdays. Also Stake Act. on 1st Tues or Wed.
  • Ride on the bus with families.
  • Help your families set up and take down camp (tents, etc.)
  • 3 days of trek = 1 day to spend with each ward for prayers, meals and activities.
  • Keep all families in a row on Trek, so as to help with problems.
  • Problem solver by knowing the first aid plan, helping with youth having a difficult time, etc.
  • Any other assignments made by Stake Central Committee.

Ma’s and Pa’s

  • Attend Stake Training on the 4th Thursday of each month through June.
  • Stake Activities on 1st Tues or Wed. each month through June.
  • Prepare yourselves Spiritually to supervise 8-9 youth in camp and on the trail
  • Prepare yourselves physically
  • Help set up and take down camp.
  • Ride on bus with family
  • Help Youth Leader assigned to your family to succeed.
  • Will supervise 8-9 youth on trek, including a Stake Youth Leader and an Aunt or Uncle.
  • Always be with family on trek.
  • The family experience will be a major factor in the experience each youth will have.
  • Be prepared to do activities with just your family. (Scriptures, prayers, stories, games)
  • Supervise family to help Aunt or Uncle serve and clean-up food in camp. (2 families per fire pit)
  • Bring suggested supplies (training)
  • Simple First Aid knowledge (training)
  • Be example in keeping the dress standards and rules. (training)

West Point Stake Trek - 2016

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