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“Find Your Pioneer”

Each person attending 2016 Trek is asked to “walk for” a ‘pioneer’ ancestor.
Introduction: A few of you will have ancestors who were actual pioneers and rescuers involved in
the 1956 RESCUE. Many of you may have ancestors who crossed the plains as pioneers 1847-
1869 (before the railroad). You may NOT have an ancestor who actually walked to the valley
but every one has an ancestor who was the first member of the Church in their family. It
could be you, your parents, grandpartents or many generations back, but they are the
pioneers for you. Do you know who they are? Your assignment will be to find them and
prepare to share their story with your trek family around the campfire.

I. Where do I begin?
Start with you—begin a pedigree chart (tree)
Add all the names you can—don’t worry about other info at this point
Always list a female with her maiden name—if unknown just use the
given name
Each surname added to the tree constitutes what is called a ‘line’

II. Ask family members for information
Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins can add names to your ‘tree’
Some trees and lines will be ery short if research hasn’t been done, others may be e

III. Find information on FamilySearch
a.Contact your ward family history consultant for instructions on how to use
FamilySearch--- (this can be done one-on-one at each home, as a class or at a Family
History Center)
b.You will need your confirmaiont date and church identification number form you
ward clerk to register to use the site
c.Find names to add to your pedigree—when family information runs out you might
be surprised with the amount of information others have discovered and added
d. Add information (dates-places-ordinances_ abou teach person on your tree---
looking especially for when each person was baptized. You want someone who was
baptized in their lifetime and their parents were not.

IV. Check the Family History Library Card Catalog on the Internet
Look for books on your families—there are 100s of books on family histories
Check microfilms for vital statistics, church records, census records, military
records, newspapers, wills, obituaries, tombstones, etc.

V. Choose one ‘Pioneer’
There will probably be many ‘pioneers’ in your various family lines on your tree
who were first generation Church members. Choose one that interests you and try
to discover more about them. When and how they joined the Church, trials they
experience, results of their decision, marriage, chidren, occupation, places where
they lived, death, burial. If your ‘pioneer’ was known by someone living, interview
them for interesting stories about this person. Prepare to bring and share your
‘pioneer’s story with your trek family around the campfire.

“Let us never forget that we have a marvelous heritage
received from the great and courageous people
who endured unimaginable suffering and demonstrated
unbelievable courage for the cause they loved.

You and I know what we should do.
God help us to do it when it needs to be done.”

-Gordon B. Hinckley

Find your Pioneer PowerPoint

link to Clearfield Stake North Pioneer Stories

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